Friday, November 23, 2012

Hi. This is Jordan and Aiden. Our mom wont/can't/forgets to blog, so we were thinking that if we posted one, she would be forced to take back the controls and continue with her own posts.

Since our Mothers last post was in May of 2010, we thought we'd catch you up on the basics..

Brody- this little boy is in fourth grade. He plays baseball every year, reads every book he gets his hands on, is the only one in our family who truly knows how to play the wii, and is great at school.

Aiden- Yep, she's in Junior High. Eighth grade to be exact. She dances, sings, and cheers  her way through life. She was in Beauty and the Beast at Oak Canyon and now performs in her schools choir. She spends hours tumbling every week and loves hanging out with her best friend Isabelle. (See below)

Devin- Devin graduated Pleasant Grove High School in 2012, not only with her high school diploma but also with her Medical Assistant degree. She received a scholarship to UVU and is completing her first semester of freshman year. She is considering going into radiology.... or marrying rich. Whichever comes first.

Jordan- I'm 20. I study History and Political Science at UVU. I work at the schools internship office as a government relations specialist. I've spent the last year involved in Governor Romney's Presidential Campaign. I'm still dealing with the pain.

Mom- Mom is still working at Intermountain Vein Center, where she runs the place. At least that's how she describes it. Mom is the Stake Primary President and she does a great job. She started taking Violin lessons over the summer, and all of her kids think she should keep going. (Hint, hint Mom)

Dad- Our dad is the best. He is really good at his job, has been in the bishopric for five years (?), and continues to make his families life awesome. Like finishing one of his houses so his 20 year old daughter and her friend could move in because they can't afford rent... Thanks dad :)

I think that is all I have to say, which is why I don't blog. Until the next two years, adios.


thrasherfamily said...

I'm glad you decided to have an intervention for your mom. I love her funny blog posts and they must have a comeback!

Jamie said...

Jordan and Aidan- Well done! I've missed your mamas funny posts! :-)
What a great family you have, Val. You should be proud!