Friday, November 23, 2012

Hi. This is Jordan and Aiden. Our mom wont/can't/forgets to blog, so we were thinking that if we posted one, she would be forced to take back the controls and continue with her own posts.

Since our Mothers last post was in May of 2010, we thought we'd catch you up on the basics..

Brody- this little boy is in fourth grade. He plays baseball every year, reads every book he gets his hands on, is the only one in our family who truly knows how to play the wii, and is great at school.

Aiden- Yep, she's in Junior High. Eighth grade to be exact. She dances, sings, and cheers  her way through life. She was in Beauty and the Beast at Oak Canyon and now performs in her schools choir. She spends hours tumbling every week and loves hanging out with her best friend Isabelle. (See below)

Devin- Devin graduated Pleasant Grove High School in 2012, not only with her high school diploma but also with her Medical Assistant degree. She received a scholarship to UVU and is completing her first semester of freshman year. She is considering going into radiology.... or marrying rich. Whichever comes first.

Jordan- I'm 20. I study History and Political Science at UVU. I work at the schools internship office as a government relations specialist. I've spent the last year involved in Governor Romney's Presidential Campaign. I'm still dealing with the pain.

Mom- Mom is still working at Intermountain Vein Center, where she runs the place. At least that's how she describes it. Mom is the Stake Primary President and she does a great job. She started taking Violin lessons over the summer, and all of her kids think she should keep going. (Hint, hint Mom)

Dad- Our dad is the best. He is really good at his job, has been in the bishopric for five years (?), and continues to make his families life awesome. Like finishing one of his houses so his 20 year old daughter and her friend could move in because they can't afford rent... Thanks dad :)

I think that is all I have to say, which is why I don't blog. Until the next two years, adios.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Star Struck

Aiden has been taking a theater class this past year. In April, she was cast as Little Cosette in a production of Les Mis. It was absolutely thrilling for her and she was just adorable. She has turned into a true blue actress, with the attitude to match. You can often hear us telling her, "Save it for the stage, Aid." She wants to continue trying out for plays. We will encourage her, however, I had no idea how much time is involved! She practically lived at the theater for the two week run (which of course means I lived there, too. Not that I'm complaining. I got to see Les Mis every night!) Here are a couple of pictures from Les Mis.
Her own dressing room!

My little ragamuffin's costume closeup. Poor Little Cosette.

Cosette and the Masters of the House.

Little and Big Cosette.

Not the most glamorous makeup, but a blast, anyway!

Last week Aiden's class performed School House Rock. It was so fun!! I watched School House Rock every Saturday morning and I still remember most of the songs. What a great way to learn! And Aiden can now recite the preamble. Well, she can sing it anyway.

Here is a video of one of my favorites, "Interjections" (Hey that's not fair, giving a guy a shot down there!)

Aiden's in the bright yellow shirt with pink headband, aka: Geraldine, with the hair twirling.

Break a leg, Aid!

Brace Face #2

Aiden was blessed with my teeth. No, no, sweetheart. No need to thank me. It's the least I could do.


However, the ortho decided this was not such a blessing, and put some braces on those things. Technically, she's too young for them; she will have to wear them twice. But at least she will have a pretty little smile while she is waiting for the rest of her permanent teeth to come in.

A few hours later...

She has had them on about 3 months and there is a huge difference already. She will wear this round for about a year, and then again in another 4 years, or so. Wish I could have had mine on in grade school, not highschool!! I was not a pretty sight, trust me.

If I could ever have been this cute. Sigh...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

Four people have asked me in the last month when I'm going to update my blog. Four whole people! Count them! Who can withstand that kind of pressure? Not I. The people have spoken; I must blog. It's been six months since I've blogged and it has become somewhat overwhelming to even think about trying to catch myself up. I haven't decided if I will back post so I can keep things in order, or if I will just do a couple of long posts to get everything in there. Who knows. And who cares, really? I'm just simply writing words so I can get something posted and jump start the process.

Let us begin...

3rd Verse, Same as the 1st!

Jordan went to her Senior Prom with her friend, Darren. Yep, the same Darren that also took her to her sophomore prom. Except for hair length, Jordan really hasn't changed all that much. Come to think of it, she really hasn't changed all that much since she was 2.

See? I'm not lyin'.

Hard to believe her high school days have come to an end. She graduates this month and will be moving out in August. Wow. How did this happen? My baby is flying the coop. And believe me, she is counting down the days. I'm really excited for her and can hardly believe it's her turn already. I remember so well when I moved out my first time. Of course, my parents had to kick me out. I was just fine living at home, taking the car when I wanted, working my little part time job to pay for the fun stuff. My parents finally had to insist I go to college and get a life. Jordan has been ready to get her life for as long as I've known her. She is always ready for the next stage in life and we have to remind her often to slow down and try to just enjoy the stage she's in. She won't, but we remind her, anway.

Jordan has earned a full ride scholarship to college and has actually just completed her first college semester with a 3.85 GPA. Her last semester in high school has been all college classes. I have no idea where she gets her initiative. It's not from me, I can testify. I'm the least aggressive/competetive person you will meet. I'm pretty much just a go with the flow kind of gal. Not a lot of planning for the future from me. But Jordan has it all figured out. She knows where she'll be in 5 years, 10 years, 20. Not me. I'm not even sure where I'll be this weekend. I'll have to check my calendar.

We're proud of you Jordan! Thanks for letting us be your parents. You have taught us much and hope we have taught you a little in return. We love you.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conversation with Brody the other night:

Brody: "Mom, Santa has to bring me a DS. He HAS to!"
Not really liking the tone of that statement I asked, "Or what?"
Brody: "Or a Wii would be fine, too."

This kid could be a politician.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Food Bandit

Today Aiden had a friend over and they decided to build a fort up in the playroom. Devin was pretty sure she had seen Aiden in the pantry at some point during the fort building. She became suspicious that Aiden had taken food up there to enhance her fort experience. She went up and asked, "Aiden, do you have food in there?"

Pregnant pause, then"Um, yes."

"Aiden, what's the rule about food?"

Another pause, and then "Um, no food outside the kitchen?"

"Right. So why did you do that?"

Much louder this time, "Well, how was I supposed to know that's the rule?"


Friday, September 11, 2009

Look Who Ran Her First 5K, and, oh yeah, Won!!

I haven't blogged in so long, I'm actually nervous to begin this post. I feel like I may fail, somehow. I have no idea what that means, but the feeling is there, nonetheless. But I digress.

I just have to have a bragging moment here. My little Devin ran her first 5k this summer. And won!! Well, in her category, anyway. She got up at 7 every morning this summer to run Cross Country. I think she only missed twice and really increased her stamina. It was awesome to watch her run her first 5k. Her ability to just keep going fascinates me. I've never been a runner. I get winded just watching her. I don't believe I've ever run more than a mile, and that was just because I didn't want to look like a complete wimp next to my sister, who was on the next treadmill over. That same sister ran the 5k with Devin this summer. She was here visiting from Oregon and when she found out that Devin was thinking about doing it, she told her she would run with her. Devin smoked her, but I was so proud of both of them. My sister has run for years off and on, but hadn't been running consistently for awhile. But she decided to just do it. Cool.

I've had dreams for years of being a runner. I don't mean fantasies. I mean real dreams. Like in my sleep. I have these dreams of running through my neighborhood with these really long strides that feel awesome, I'm not winded at all and I just feel euphoric. But whenever I've tried this out in real life, my lungs are burning within seconds, my legs are quivering, and trust me, euphoria is nowhere on the horizon. I think it's very rude of my psyche to tease me like this. I think dreams should come true. And I think they should come true with no training or work involved, whatsoever. Is that so wrong?

Our family got memberships to the rec center last month. Actually, two months ago. I've been once. And I didn't run. I watched my kids run. And you know what I realized as I watched them? My lungs weren't burning, my legs weren't quivering and I actually felt quite euphoric watching the little angels run.

My dreams are whacked.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, baby!

How do I love this commercial? Oh, let me count the ways! Every time I watch it, I notice something else that just makes me gut laugh. Almost makes me want to have another one. Almost.

Friday, July 3, 2009

And they say money can't buy happiness...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lego Man

Ok, I know your kids are geniuses, too, but really, can they top this?  Hah!  Devin and Brody made this the other day on the Mac with still shots.  It's awesome.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Daughter, the Vulcan

Matt and I went to see the new Star Trek movie the other week. If you were a fan of the 60's Star Trek, you have got to go see this movie! I loved it! I didn't even want to see it, but then I heard some great reviews for it. And then I found out it was JJ Abrams. That man can do no wrong! Of course, now that I've said that, I'll probably hate the next thing he does. But not yet.

I was telling Devin about the movie and she said she wanted to see it. I explained to her that she really wouldn't get it if she hadn't watched the old tv episodes. So guess who's been watching Star Trek nonstop on YouTube for the last two weeks? She has become a true trekkie. However, I think "Trouble with Tribbles" creeped her out a little.

So she sends me this email the other day. I watched it, thinking that something is just a little off with that Vulcan face. Then I realized it was Devin's face! I about wet my pants. And she had written the whole thing that he/she says.

Check it out:

I'm a proud Vulcan mama.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baseball, Birthdays and Blessings

I really hate that my blog has become just a place to post quick updates about our family. I love to write, but since starting my job, my brain is mush by 7pm. So's my body. My body's been mushy much longer than I've had my job. But I'm going to blame the job anyway.

So summer has officially begun. Well, not officially, since summer doesn't officially start until June 21, but you catch my drift. School's out. Summer begins. Officially.

We bought the kids a summer pass to our new city pool. They are able to get themselves there on their scooters or by walking, so I'm hoping it will keep them entertained. Jordan is working there as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. We've had pretty stinky weather since school got out, but the kids have all managed to get tan anyway. Wish I could do that!

Brody has begun coach pitch baseball. Matt's still sure Brody's left-handed pitching is going to pay off! If we could just get his wind up to last a little less than 4 full seconds.We celebrated Matt's 44th birthday as school was ending. Jordan baked him a cake and was so mad that her 77 cent trick candles were a bust. Good effort, Jo! And thanks for baking Dad that awesome cake!
He huffed and he puffed and he then he coughed and he sputtered.

Speaking of getting old, this is how the over 40 crowd spends their Saturday nights,now--laying around on the shiatsu massager and hanging upside down for a little spine traction. That's my idea of a good time!
I'm a little bummed that we're grounded here again for another summer because of our jobs. But then I remember that we have jobs. Then I remember to count my blessings, for they are bountiful. And that's official.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TA DA!!!!

Devin's teeth really weren't that bad before, but now they're perfect! I hope they stay that way. Mine sure didn't. But Devin does everything better than I ever did. I don't even remember having a retainer.
I guess that tells you how much I wore it.

And check this out.
Here was the balance we owed on Devin's braces today.

And here is the amount of my first paycheck.
Serendipitous, wouldn't you say? Or sad. I haven't decided which, yet.
All I know is I've got 43 cents to show for a over a weeks worth of work.
Nordstrom's, here I come!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tomorrow's the day!

These babies are coming off tomorrow! Devin whipped through her braces in less than a year and a half. Which is great for her. Not so great for me. I figured I'd have a good 2 years to pay off that $4000 bill. Pure insanity. We're definitely in the wrong business. But I'm excited for her. I'll post before and after pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Working 9 To 5

Seriously. I'm not kidding. I'm working 9-5. Every day. All day. I don't know how this happened.

About 5 months ago, I decided I needed to get a J-O-B. I dragged my feet for the next 41/2 months. Nothing fit into the ideal job that I had dreamed up in my head. You know, that job that I could do in my pajamas. That job where I could choose my own hours, preferably late evening, when I seem to be at my peak. That job where I earn at least $19.63/hr. with the laptop on my lap, HGTV playing in the background, chilled Dr. Pepper at my side. It could happen!

Alas, my perfect job did not drop in my lap. Imagine that. One day I saw an ad for a receptionist for a medical office. They were asking for a receptionist who was willing to treat their patients like their best friend, to really make the patients comfortable. HELLO! Does that not just scream me?! Am I not the friendliest, most comfortable person you know? Don 't answer that. Well, at least I knew I could fake it pretty well.

Regardless of having no medical office experience, and a fairly spotty resume, I passed two interviews and was offered the job last Tuesday. I must say, it was definitely a Sally Field moment for me ("You like me! You really like me!") Unfortunately, they wanted me to begin work the next morning. Um, sure. So I had about 6 hours to rearrange our entire lives and clock in by morn. I had been driving a car full of little boys home every day after Kindergarten, along with my own son. I had to call the moms and let them know I couldn't get them anymore. And then I had to ask one of those moms to now pick Brody up every day until my sister could pick him up from her house. One of Brody's journal entries at school last week read like this: "On Munday I go to Jacks haws and play in then my ant cums and pics me up and I go ovr thr and I play then my sistr cums and pics me up."

Oh, holy guilt trip. Someone please reassure me that my kids will be fine, that they will not grow up to be sociopaths because their mother went back to work after being home for 17 years!

It's been a full week and we have survived. We have, dare I say, even thrived. The kids seem to really be kicking it into gear. I have a vacuumed floor, dishes loaded and rooms cleaned when I come home. Granted, we are still in the honeymoon phase, but they really seem to be wanting to do their part. I'm afraid Mom has been unwilling to "let" the kids help out as much as they should have over the last couple of years. I have this problem of wanting things done a certain (right) way, so I tend to just do it myself. Matt's been trying to convince me lately to stop folding the teenagers clothes. "No one folded my clothes past 12 years old!" But I can't help myself! I like laundry! I like to vacuum! I think I need a 12 step program. Instead, I got a job.

I'll keep you "posted" on life after the honeymoon. I'm sad that my blog will probably suffer because of this. I really, really like my blog. But the bottom line is, I like my job. I like the people I work with. I like the money. I just have to not think about the things I'll miss. Like Mom's day at kindergarten on Friday. The end of year dance festival at school. Watching my daughter get her braces off next Thursday. Waaaa! Waaaa!

This job is a blessing. This job is a sacrifice. It's a blessrifice. Dang, I'm good. Is it any wonder they hired me? Don 't answer that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how do you get your dang garden to grow like that?

Mother Nature has finally had mercy on us. We spent a glorious 70 degree day outside today. It was downright hard to believe after having 8 inches of snow just 4 days ago. But we took full advantage of it. We spent the afternoon on the trampoline, doing some weeding and finally getting our seeds planted for our garden. We will let them germinate inside for several weeks and then transplant them into our garden. Do I sound like I know what I'm doing? Hah, fooled ya. I know nothin' about gardens. I have the blackest thumbs you've ever seen.

We've done a garden for a couple of years now, but I don't seem to be learning much. Really, I just plant some stuff, cast a spell or two and hope for the best. I do seem to have really good luck with tomatoes, peppers and herbs. In fact, I've been pretty successful with my salsa garden. But that's about it. My lettuce is bitter. My carrots don't grow deeper than 2 inches into the ground. My corn looks like a bad set of dentures. We only got one good cantaloupe last year. And the fact that no one will help me weed really does not add to the good karma I need surrounding my garden. I hate weeding. No wait. I love weeding. No wait. I hate the thought of weeding, but once I start, I can't stop! My OCD kicks in and I can't quit till every last stinking weed is out. And then I get a little huffy cuz' everyone else fizzled out after 10 minutes and I spent the better part of my Saturday weeding, just to produce some bitter lettuce and 2 inch carrots!! But does that stop me? Heck no! Plant, I will! (And who likes carrots, anyway?)

This year we're taking a slightly different approach. The kids each picked their own vegetable to plant, water, weed, talk to, and tuck in at night. Yeah, they're all jazzed about it now, but wait until Mom's yanking them out of bed this summer to get to the weeding before the sun fries us all.

Regardless, we had a great time today, planting our seeds with the hope of a bounty of delicious things to eat this summer. It could happen! Now, if I could just find those darn seed packets of silver bells and cockle shells...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My daughter Devin is my homebody. My "can't be bothered with this silly social stuff" kid. Don't get me wrong. She has friends. She hangs out with friends. But she never initiates it. Ever. If no one calls her to hang, she is more than content to stay at home, playing with siblings, drawing, making cookies, doesn't really matter. I am always trying to encourage her to get out there more and spend a little more time with friends. Call somebody up. She will generally have none of that. Just can't be bothered, that one.

I was pretty sure my "encouraging" had fallen on deaf ears. Until last night. At about 10 pm she closed her cell phone and announced, "Two hours! I just texted Ashley for two hours!"

"Wow", I replied, slightly horrified at the statement. "Is that a good thing?"

"Well, Mom, you're the one who's always saying I need to work on my social skills!"

Yeah, Dev. That's what I meant.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break. Whatever.

April 16th. Spring break. This is what we woke up to this morning. Yay. I'm breaking out the sunscreen as we speak.

Last year on this day it was 70 degrees! Ok, so last spring break we didn't do anything all that exciting, but we COULD have! Not this year. Except maybe sledding. Been there. Done that.

In some ways, this was actually the worst we've been hit all year, because the leaves have budded and the blossoms have bloomed, so the snow had a lot more surface area to sit on. Hence, we lost some good limbs off several brave and valiant trees. It's okay, trees. You put up a good fight. We don't blame you. Unfortunately, we found a tree Matt had just planted two days before was laying completely on it's side, gasping for breath. Please accept my apologies for not getting a photo of that.

Despite the slightly depressing aspect of it being SPRING BREAK and all, it was quite beautiful and sparkly this morning. And cold. Oh, and did I mention it's SPRING BREAK?!

Here's a couple of before's and after's, lest you think I exaggerate. (Which you never ever in a million, trillion years, would!)

I'm not taking any chances. Next spring break, we're heading to Palm Beach. Or at least St. George.

Or not.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Mom...

Here is a transcript of a letter Aiden slipped under my bedroom door.

Dear Mom,
teacup yorkies are adorible. u cant be alirjick to them. they r small as a teacup. I know you hate the poo but we could get a dirt pile and put a fence around it. so it would go in the dirt pile and no were else. we would put a chelter/cenel out there if it rains. I will pay. I will take care of it.


Dear Aiden,
Teacup Yorkies are adorible, in their own little way. I suppose. But if anyone can be alirjick to them, it would be you. I'm sorry to point this out, Sweetie, but they are not really as small as a teacup. And if they were, I'm pretty sure that would creep me out. If you'll notice, that Yorkie is just spilling right over the top of that teacup. I think the description is false advertising, if you ask me.

Now, can you explain how if we were to build a fence around the dirt pile that he will poo in, then how will he get in it to use it? Hmm. A riddle wrapped up in an enigma.

And you're right. Dad is capable of building one wicked chelter/cenel out there, but seeing as we still don't have all the knobs on our kitchen cabinets three years after building, I think Dad's efforts would be better applied elsewhere.

Alas, I know you offered to pay for it, but I did my homework, and it's pretty much college or a yorkie. I know that's an easy choice for you, seeing as you're only 9, but I really really need you to go to college. Afterall, who will pay for my nursing home when I'm a lonely old widow lady and all I have to keep me company is an adorable little teacup yorkie?

P.S. I admire your persistence.

P.P.S. Spelling homework right after dinner.